Sensuality: My Life’s Passion


Hey lovelies,

Today has been an inspirational day. I have been speaking with a variety of people about the power of sexual energy and awareness. One person asked me if this was my life’s passion. When I answered yes, he asked me to explain more specifically what my life’s passion was and how I live it.

I could hear in his voice that he could not imagine sexuality and sensual awakening being anyone’s life mission or passion. Those of you who have been connected with me through my blog, session offerings, or email know that I have sometimes wished I had a different passion.

From my experience, I know that if one person has a question, others are wondering the same thing. With this in mind, I thought I would expand and explain why I am passionate about sexuality and how my passion influences my life.

Many of you know that I was sexually abused throughout my childhood and that I was violently sexually assaulted during as a teenager. At that time in my life, those experiences were painful and the resulting damage negatively impacted my life and dampened my spirit. But as I matured and continued to self-reflect, I was able to transform those negative experiences. Because my sexual energy was forcefully awakened at such a young age, I have been curious about sex and sexuality for as long as I can remember. When I was around 16 or so,

When I was around 16 or so, Sue Johanson the host of a Canadian Sunday Night Sex Show called Talk Sex with Sue was a speaker at my high school. Her perspective on sexuality and sexual expression totally blew my mind. Here was this conservatively dressed woman talking about sex to an entire gymnasium filled with teenagers. Sue awakened a deeper desire for knowledge in me.

I continued learning about sex but my history of sexual abuse and trauma influenced the focus of my studies. What I wanted to learn was how to heal sexual dysfunction and open on a more spiritual level to my sexual partners and discover who I was as a sexual being. As I continued down this path, it became increasingly clear to me that my interest was not exactly “normal”.

My other passion in life, beyond my family, is my thirst for knowledge. I absolutely love learning about new things and developing new skills. When I become passionate about a particular topic, I throw myself whole-heartedly into learning about it. Even though I am constantly taking classes, workshops and attaining new certifications, I always come back to my one true love: Sexuality.

I find it difficult to explain why my passion is what it is. I guess it just is. 🙂 For me, sex is like air. I need sex like I need breath. But my passion expands beyond just having sex, masturbating or experiencing physical pleasure. As I expanded my knowledge base to include Tantra and other sacred sexual paths, my thirst for this sacred knowledge expanded again.

I am deeply and completely passionate about having a blissful sex life. I am equally passionate about helping others experience sensual awakening and deeply pleasurable sex. Honestly, I believe that if humanity focused on healthier sexual expression and connection, many of the devastating issues humanity faces would naturally transform.

How is it possible that as a society, we are sex obsessed and also sexually deprived at the same time? What’s worse is that often times, being deprived of intimacy and pleasure causes people to become uninspired, angry or aggressive and dangerously hostile. What I want for Mother Earth is for people across the globe to feel empowered and safe enough to be truly passionate about their sexuality.

Because Tantra has been highly sexualized in our Western society, a high percentage of the people who contact me want sexual services. When people first contact me, I have a tendency to put up an emotional wall. I begin the conversation by drawing very clear boundaries.

Even if they are not consciously aware of it, some part of their sexual psyche simply wants to experience Tantric sex and because I am “Tantrachick” people somehow think that it might be possible to experience this with me. It is not. I provide sexual solutions, not sexual services. What I do offer you is my wisdom, compassion and guidance. One of my past clients said this about his sessions with me,

We made tremendous progress by the end of our 2nd session.  I am using the term “we” specifically because Joy works hard along with the client.  This progress continued so much so fast (I’m still amazed actually) that our 5th and final session was, by my choice, just a friendly chat session.

If you will drop all preconceptions about alternative methods, if you will be open and honest with both yourself and Joy, if you will listen and practice, I guarantee you will see improvements in whatever area you seek.”

If you are reading this post and you feel a desire for expansive pleasure, deeper intimacy, and a higher level of connection with you current or future lover(s); I invite you to join the covnersation. From my heart to yours, Joy



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