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Hey Lovelies,

I hope you are enjoying this deliciously blissful summer we are having! Things have been blissfully busy for me. I realize I haven’t been blogging much recently. I guess part of the reason is that I have been suffering from an unknown ailment that seems to be connected to my thyroid. I don’t enjoy writing about things that frustrate me as much as I enjoy writing about things that turn me on, excite me, or make me feel passionate. Hence the silence of late.

Through the process of getting blood work done along with a variety of tests to diagnose this mysterious illness lurking my body, I have found that my creative juices have been depleted. I have been drawing a lot of lotus flowers…not sure why but it is like a meditation for me. To feel the hard wood of the pencil in my hand, the cool touch of the paper and the strokes as my pencil glides across the paper. It is a truly blissful process for me.

Beyond what’s lurking in my body wreaking havoc on my endocrine system, I have a lot of thoughts lurking in my subconscious mind as well. Over the past 5 years or so, I hate to admit it but I haven’t been feeling the same level of love for my body. I have never been one to focus on what society says my body should look like or feel like…but I have a certain standard I have set for myself.

I planned on doing a series of body image photos but I haven’t yet found the courage to step in front of the lens…not with my whole body that is. So this is the first step for me. This is a selfie I took. Just me, no filters, no make up, not even lip gloss lol. I will fight fiercely for body acceptance and I believe I will get back to full on self-love, including loving all of my jiggly bits. Words of encouragement are welcomed…also, feel free to share your own struggles or triumphs! Or even just stop by and say hey!

From my heart to yours, Joy


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  1. Kevin says:

    Well I think this is actually one of the best pictures I have seen of you. It’s nice to see your pretty face up close. As well as the eyes. I think you look lovely.

    Good luck with the health issues as well. While we miss your blogging, your health is more important.

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you my dear sweet friend! It is a thyroid conundrum…I am going to see an Ayurvedic Naturopath because I can’t seem to get anywhere with conventional medicine. I hope you are well! From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. sinnerz13 says:

    Great picture! Very natural

    1. Joy says:


  3. rushmorejudd says:

    You have a beautiful smile – infectious. And I too have been having some mysterious issues with my thyroid and endocrine system. One step I’ve taken is trying to minimize the hormonal fed livestock and dairy products in my diet. Not a lot of progress, however, in understanding what has changed.

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you. I have eliminated meat, dairy, gluten and coffee. Only because I can barely keep anything down. Sticking to fruits and veggies. Hope you figure out what’s going on! From my heart to yours, Joy

  4. horns1313 says:

    If there is anyone who should feel so good about their body it’s got to be you sorry about your situation instead of practice you know what I mean I will pray the rosary and Chaplet of divine mercy for you all that you do for so many including your tweets and messages to me I know you have an idea that ya’ll are always deep inside my prayers whoops a little sexual or erotic Freudian slip see how well you have trained my necked ass even rodeo men soldiers and just guys like me struggle with self acceptance no worries goddess coach pioneer and friend proud of you always hug your husband and friends your never alone I’m here also you or ya’ll know how to reach me hook em horns or God bless you my lovely

  5. Joy says:

    Thank you for your blessings, prayers and positive reinforcement. It was a lovely message to wake up to. Getting ready to do my morning kundalini awakening yoga…it’s part of my new health regimine. From my heart to yours, Joy

  6. Tú estás preciosa en esa foto. Creo que si tú piensas que estarás bien de salud y crees en ello, eso se hará. Y yo espero que así sea. Deseo que te mejores.Voy a orar por ti y te estaré enviando energía Reiki a distancia, si tu la aceptas la recibirás, pero si no la quieres estará solo a disposición alrededor tuyo.
    Te recomiendo que hagas una consulta a un homeópata también. Te puede ayudar.
    Un abrazo. Te amo.

  7. horns1313 says:

    Well this is such an amazing surprise and sensual reminder of the many opportunities and benefits I experienced so fast whomever said you can’t go back must have been both mentally impotent and lacking desire long story short I reread much of Life changing articles catching up where we left off hoping and praying your situation has improved my depression or the never ending war heated back up and interest and Motivation for even”practice”‘all but feel off but at midnight this email came at the right time touching the right locations of mind body and soul from the right person wondering when or where to cum back to the university of joy was answered right where we left off some things are so great we want do them again again thanks to you and the email we can go back can’t hold back the explosion of gratitude

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