Body Image Day 4


Feeling a little better today…loving my new tattoo. I know it isn’t for everyone but I love her! I also like my cleavage. It is hard to get a boob selfie but here is my attempt…Part of the reason I love my breasts is because they nourished my four babies…Have a blissful Friday! From my heart to yours, Joy


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  1. sinnerz13 says:

    What is the tattoo?

    1. Joy says:

      It’s a tribal tattoo that was a cover up. I call it “Freedom!”

      1. sinnerz13 says:

        Cool! The freedom to decorate and express your body.

  2. horns1313 says:

    Well it seems anything you have on and off inspirational and empowering just cums completely natural and clean by you never had a tattoo or any body art on this old but openly nude body of mine the scares I earned but not only in your case but many other people celebrating our bodies really is very erotic and stimulating of every generation and culture this is both a right of passage and from of honor and appreciation to those who like you made a difference in peoples lives so glad that you are feeling better and share so much proud of you in addition happy that you find ways to enjoy yourself now I have rambled on again but your many honest and sincere open sharing awakens and liberates our latent desires insecurities and abilities of many different types of people men women straight gay and both bisexual and asexual beyond my limited little bitty mind thanks again again hoping you and your family have a safe and great weekend already you have made mine mucho mi Vida or something special ready for the lessons and a few hours of”practice” time to be nude with Joy 😊😎

  3. Joy says:

    I hope you have a beauty-full weekend also!

    1. horns1313 says:

      Rising to the occasion

    2. horns1313 says:

      found the major or focus of study for Joy university all this time was kind of doing it without even knowing what the hell but meditation , stretching, mind body connections including far deeper than just orgasm or release Saturday night but thanks might never earn summa cum loudie cant spell but graduate loudie cum soon orgasmic meditations endless rewards wont bore you but wish it had cum in the rodeo or football days someone will thank you for the education confident both in you an how high this horse can jump an kick bucking hard all the way to the whistle her the rider should thank the teacher

      1. Joy says:

        Hope your day is bliss!

      2. horns1313 says:

        bliss was arousal freshman foreplay extrapolated brain an emotional orgasm now to try and do something for y’all and ” dig deeper” but latent desires an mental impotent problems just use your tools an spirit without loosing more practice simple but more frequency and maybe performance for others

  4. RFM says:

    Joy, What a artful picture. You are just plain gorgeous. R

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you that is very sweet of you to say.

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