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Hey lovelies,

I wanted to thank everyone for the comments, message, and emails of support for my new endeavor. Many of you may not realize that I have an incredibly shy side. I also have judgmental voice seemingly locked in the depths of my subconscious mind. Until recently, I have only been able to express using the written word.

But I decided that expressing my sensuality with my words is only one very small aspect of what I have to offer and what I want to experience. It is challenging to be the woman I am. I will pleasurably have sex many times a day. When I make love, it is interactive, engaging, and connected. I have deep rooted sexual desires that are honestly quite difficult if not impossible to quench.

This weekend I was hanging out with some beautiful people and while this young man was talking, he was looking at someone else. However, when he said the word “erect” he turned and made eye contact with me. I didn’t really notice it myself, but my husband certainly did, lol. He turns to him and out of curiosity asked him, “When you said erect, you looked directly at my wife. Why?”

His answer was unexpected. I can;t remember his exact words, but he basically said that I had made 13 sexually comfortable comments since he met me a few hours earlier. He also mentioned that I comfortably shared that I write erotica and have a sexuality focused blog. He said he wasn’t used to women speaking so comfortably and confidently about topics related to sex and sexuality.

I had not even realized in some ways that this is something unique about me. It was very interesting to hear his perspective. What I learned about myself is that I cannot hide my sexual energy or my passion for pleasure. It is sewn into the very fabric of my soul. So I began this journey with self-portraits taken by me in my bedroom.

So that you are able to dive in with me, I will describe the experience…

I woke up earlier than normal. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the beauty of the sun cascading through my bedroom window. I was laying naked beneath my sheet and blanket but the sun was making my room too warm to be covered. I freed my body so that the heat of the sun’s beautiful rays could beam down upon my exposed skin.

As I lay there, I saw images of my love making session from the previous evening flashing through my mind. I felt a ripple of pleasure ignite the fire of pleasure burning in my yoni. I began to caress my body. Gently running my fingers along my skin until I felt the warmth of my yoni radiating.

Once I gave in to my orgasm, I felt liberated. I picked up my iPhone 7Plus and placed it on the window sill in selfie mode and placed the 10-second timer on. I only had 10 seconds each time to place myself in position. Something about the rapid speed of the photos helped me let go and find my playful, sexy side.

My mantra for today and for this journey: Freedom is the oxygen of life.

So I am sharing these very nude self-portraits with you. In doing so, it is my hope that I may in some small way, help you liberate yourself. Inspire you to truly understand your own desire. To tap into your sexual energy and connect with yourself and your lover(s) in a deeper, more profound and meaningful way.

To not only gain access to these photos but also support me on this exciting new adventure, please visit my Patreon page and become my patron: Joy’s Nude Self Portraits

From my heart to yours,


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