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For those of you who are not yet familiar with the Tantrachick blog, I launched it in the middle of the night on a random day in June 2010. It started as a personal journal, though I made the content visible to the public. I honestly never expected anyone to read it, but to my surprise, since it’s launch, this blog has received millions of views.

Just now my sister Grace and I were looking through my stats. We were blown away by the fact that I have reached almost every country in the world. The following image is straight from my WordPress.com admin. It shows the countries where people have read my blog. It is humbling to know that my words have touched the lives of people from all across the globe:

Tantrachick Countries

On January 1st, 2018 I launched a second blog, Get Naked With Joy The intention of my Get Naked blog is to share the path I am on right now. I am back home on the West Coast of Canada, living near my beautiful sister, Grace. I am fully free and liberated. I am embracing my womanly form and I am excited to share that part of myself with you as well.

After writing my last post on this blog, I traveled across the US into Canada and I was locked out of this blog. I almost let it go, but yesterday I magically regained access! I took it as a sign that my work here is not complete. I am not sure where this blog will take me but I am excited to share all aspects of my personal and professional life with you!

From my heart to yours,


Here are a couple photos from Get Naked:

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  1. Bare Beach Bum says:

    Welcome back! I didn’t know that you left the midwest. I was thinking about you when I drove through there recently.

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