Sisters: Joy and Grace


Hey lovelies,

So much has happened in my life since I last checked in. Rather than try to cover everything, I will share what I am currently most excited about. If you have been reading my blog over the years, you may remember that in 2013 I moved from Salt Spring Island, BC to a small town in the rural Midwest region of the United States. I was there until November of 2017 and during the entire time I spent in the Midwest, I only saw my beautiful sister Grace once.

Moving back to Salt Spring last year was more than just coming home for me; it felt like I also regained a piece of myself that had been missing. I reconnected with my inner Goddess, regained my natural confidence, and reinvented my life in a matter of weeks. I live near my sister and now we also work together! It is difficult for me to express with mere words how comfortable and “at home” I am with my sister. She is one of my very favourite people in the entire world and I will not ever live far away from her again.

Together, we are collaborating on some incredibly inspirational projects and products. I want to share the beauty of our journey with you. The photos below begin at my cottage, then shift to my sister’s home where we began our work day by setting our intention, worked on a few blog and business related tasks and are now heading to our favourite meeting place; my sister’s hot tub.

I hope you are having a truly blissful day!

From my heart to yours,


All photos except the last one of my after hot tubbing on my sister’s deck are from today.

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