Life is Beautiful Chaos

Hey beautiful people,

So much has happened since I wrote my last post. I have struggled to write on this blog partially because it is fully public. During my separation, many of our friends and family found my blog. A few were supportive, but many used my openness to emotionally slay me.

For a couple years I gave into some pretty deep darkness but then, a few weeks ago, I found myself along and broken hearted in Arizona. I was visiting a friend I’ve known for over two decades. My ex-husband, Mountain, was visiting one of his closest friends who happens to also be my friend’s ex-husband (not complicated at all, lol).

We legit wound up in the same small Southwest town at the same time. After a bit of resistance on Mountain’s part, we met for coffee at the Raven Cafe in Prescott, AZ. It was so intense to finally be in his presence again. We are now calling the last two years the “painful time”.

We are working very hard to put that time behind us and move forward into what we are calling “Joy time”. Many moons ago I wrote erotica stories. The events that have unfolded in my life over the past month have inspired me to begin writing again.

If you are interested in reading my erotica or listening to my “Audio Foreplay” recordings, please email me: or comment here and I’ll add you to my list. These will not be free, but I aim to make them affordable.

From my heart to yours,



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  1. paul tallentire says:

    I am interested in reading what you write and listening to your recordings,i have read your heartfelt post joy, i hear you and i truly support you in everything you do, i am a self love coach and i help people with all sorts of problems, online and in person, please keep doing what you want to do and don`t let anyone stop you ever. My heart is your heart, my love is your love, my soul is your soul. Lots of pure and unconditional love my love. Paul Tallentire

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you for your kind words Paul. They were refreshing as I read them directly after reading the most vile, abusive and exploitive comments I’ve ever received. I appreciate your words and your kind sentiment. Thank you from my heart to yours! Joy

  2. Rick says:

    Joy, i would also like to read what you write. I admire how you are living life and taking the path for what comes your way. R

  3. rodeorosary says:


  4. David says:

    You are a very interesting and powerful woman.. I would like to read your written erotica.

  5. Michael says:

    Hello Joy, I am so impressed with your courage and intelligence. You are a “Goddess Warrior.” Bravo Joy tutti bene!

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you from my heart to yours

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