Just Ask Joy: How Long Should Sex Last!?!

Tantraichick founder Joy Nelson

One of my blog readers and longtime friends just asked me:

“How long should sex last?”

This is a complex question and unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter answer. However, the fact that he asked me this question tells me a lot about his love life. Unfortunately, I suspect there’s a disconnect between he and his wife. I can only guess, but I imagine he has unmet sexual needs and doesn’t know how to reconnect sexually with the love of his life; his beautiful wife.

The reality is, if you have an open, loving, and sexually connected relationship with your partner, you will innately know from moment to moment what your lover wants, needs and desires…AND…if you find yourself wondering if she wants to continue making love, you would ask her (either verbally or non verbally, depending on your depth of connection and self/partner awareness).

Of course, it’s definitely not easy to open yourself on such a vulnerable level, especially if there’s a breakdown in your relationship or a communication block. While I cannot speak for any other woman on the planet, I can speak for myself. For me, there’s moments where I feel so open and I am filled with such deep sexual desire that I bend over, lift my skirt to expose myself, and invite my lover to push himself into me. If I’m in that kind of mood, it goes without saying that I’m likely wanting to experience a quick yet satisfying fuck (not the disconnected type you see in hard core porn).

On the other hand, there’s moments where I want to open myself gently to my lover. Moments where I want to allow my sensuous energy to slowly unfold through conscientious touch, mutual exploration and loving intention. The bliss I feel from a quick shag and the bliss I feel during full on Tantric love making are different but equally pleasurable. The main difference is my mood…

Although I can’t speak for other women, I can teach you, as a man, the art of Tantric love making. I can teach you, as a man, how to honor your own needs and understand your partner’s needs. I can teach you how to unlock and unleash your pleasure and your current or future lover’s pleasure…

If you want to learn the art of Tantra from a world renowned sex and intimacy coach, feel free to fill out the contact form below to see if you would benefit from Tantric Coaching…

From my heart to yours,

Joy Nelson, CCHT

Authentic Tantric Coaching Joy Nelson

As a world renowned Tantric coach and educator, I do not offer sexual services. Please respect my boundaries and do not request sexual services or express your personal sexual desire for me.
PEace, Joy

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