Movement and Music: MiND, BoDY and SPiriT!

Miss Ruby Slippers shared a wonderful video with me…I thoroughly enjoyed it…the most intense aspect of the video for me was the song…I had not heard of the band Awolnation and had never seen this young man’s artistic expression of yoga and hip hop….I was deeply inspired! In fact, I dug even deeper and found out that this…

?She Dresses Like Such a Slut!?

Okay, so this conversation I had with a good friend of mine has been bouncing around in my head all day! By the title of this post, you’re probably wondering… what the heck, Joy? Well,  just to clarify, the friend I was chatting with is a wonderful woman, so this is in no way an…

Ancient Feeling..Really Powerful…

If you can give yourself permission to take two and a half minutes to let go…give in and watch this from a place of calm contemplation…it will rejuvenate you! It’s deeply inspiring…  

Tantrachick's Private Fire Eating Show!

My husband’s cousin, Dr. Reverend Stephen Strange and the Strange Family Circus are in town visiting ! Last night Stephen was sweet enough to perform a short fire eating show for us! I especially like the ending of his show! Enjoy!

Video: Beautiful Aerial Silk Routine!

This beautiful and sexy aerial silk routine by Christine Van Loo is so inspiring…The art of aerial silks is one of my many passions. The flow, the sensual movements and the freedom are deeply inspiring and a heck of a lot of fun as well! Enjoy! HAPPY 4th of JULY!  

Video: Incredible Human Body Painting

It’s a visual kind of day on this most glorious and sexy summer solstice! Body painting is another one of my many passions…Craig Tracy is an incredible artist who uses the human body to create “Painted Alive” art…. 

Destin Gerek: Erotic Rockstar

One of Destin’s comments that stood out to me was: “An Erotic Rockstar loves women. This is not synonymous with An Erotic Rockstar loves to fuck women….”