Candid Photo of Joy

Hey lovelies, Earlier today I happened upon another blogger’s post about body image. Her voice was strong, her related image was stunning in a candid kind of way and she seemed like a very brave woman. Unfortunately, I didn;t save her post so I cannot share it with you, but she got me thinking about…

Hope you’re having a lovely afternoon…Loving my new nightie! From my heart to yours, Joy

Good Morning!

Every morning is destiny’s way of telling you that your purpose in life is yet to be fulfilled. Good morning!

Magazine Article: Tantra Session With Joy

We both found Joy’s wisdom, gentle guidance and clear communication led us easily to a deeper understanding of how to nourish and sustain our union. And what could be more sacred that that?

A Tad Risque: Photo of Joy

The photographer I worked with recently managed to let me be me for a few moments here and there. I found that, because of his professionalism and ability to let me flow without being intrusive, I was able to find glimmers of my inner Goddess…I will not be sharing the more in depth implied nudes,…