Video Stills: Woman to Woman Tantric Massage

The quality leaves something to be desired…these are just a few video stills from our woman to woman Tantric massage video shoot last night….Joy sighs…I love how rapidly connection is possible and deep bonds are created through the art of sacred touch…From my heart to yours, Joy

Video, Tantra and Tantric Massage

Well, I have now attended 3 Tantric massage photo shoots and 2 Tantric massage video shoots. Through a process of error and trial, I now have a vision for how I want my full Tantric massage video to unfold….I picture a glorious temple with my beautiful Shakti…allowing the process to unfold naturally…not time to rush, bathing…

Lover's Massage by Joy

If at first you are able to provide her with some truly needed relaxation, but not to an orgasmic state of bliss, that’s wonderful. If you have patience and take your time, you will get there.