Orgasmic Conscious Breath…

This is an excerpt from my Joyous Meditation post…it touches base on deep breathing, which is also an ongoing discussion… While my sexual energy and arousal continue to intensify, I feel as if I am floating on a wave of deeply erotic energy. I draw my hands along my body, exploring and embracing every aspect…

Joyous Meditation: Joy's personal experience

Joyous Meditation is one of the many tools I use for sexual healing and awakening. It is much more than simple masturbation. I enjoy beginning this most sensual and spiritual experience by bathing so that I feel fresh. While I am immersed in water, I take time to set my intention for my meditation. I…

G-Spot Joy!

What I find deeply inspiring and wonderfully positive is that, through Tantra, sacred Sexuality, free sexual expression, and women’s group, workshops, and healing sessions…..”

Lover's Massage by Joy

If at first you are able to provide her with some truly needed relaxation, but not to an orgasmic state of bliss, that’s wonderful. If you have patience and take your time, you will get there.

Tantra and I

Through Tantric exploration, I transformed from a sexually damaged girl into a sexually empowered woman.

Tantric Orgasm For Women

Tantric Orgasm for Women, by Diana Richardson, is a wonderful book for women who are struggling with achieving an orgasm