Just Ask Joy

Each week I receive emails and messages from hundreds of people from across the globe. Some come from past clients who have additional questions or comments. Most emails and messages are from individuals or couples I have never met who ask a simple question about female anatomy or possibly a more complex question about healing their relationship by incorporating sacred intimacy into their lives.

The mission of my practice is to promote healthy and joyous expression of sensual energy, deep intimacy with oneself and another, and an understanding of love and sex as a natural part of life. It is my true passion to assist individuals and couples on their path to sensual awakening. With this in mind, I decided to provide a space for people to ask questions.

Your question can be related to:

  • sex
  • sexuality
  • sacred sex
  • sacred sexuality
  • alternative relationships
  • Tantra
  • Tantric sex
  • sexual energy

Or other questions related to the above topics. If your question is chosen, I will either create a related blog post that addresses your specific question, direct you to other relevant info, or use a question and answer blog post format to respond.

If you have concerns about your privacy, avoid using identifying factors such as exact age, describing your appearance, etc. Also, please feel free to use a pseudo name.

From my heart to yours,