My Tantric Perpective

My Tantric Perspective:

Red Tantra, an ancient tradition that originated in India, is based on the sacred sexual practices of the ancient Goddess traditions. Red Tantra teaches us that women are fully empowered by embracing their sexuality, spirituality, and discovering and experiencing their orgasmic potential.

According to David Ramsdale and Cynthia Gentry in their book – Red Hot Tantra, “As women lost their natural, goddess-based Tantric knowledge and power, they forgot how to transmit spiritual energy through sex as a conscious, sacred art.”

A woman may work through this process with a Tantric Guide, on her own, with her partner, or her partner (whether male or female) may learn techniques to draw her out of her shell and help her connect with her inner goddess-based Tantric knowledge.

Our society’s current sexual practices focus so much on the physical aspect of sex that we can easily lose our connection to both ourselves and our partners. As our relationship matures, we may feel increasingly dissatisfied.

The natural consequence of a dissatisfying sex life is that intimacy becomes less frequent, which ultimately affects the quality of our relationships. When one or both individuals in the relationship develop feelings of frustration and resentment, communication begins to break down as well.

As I have personally experienced and witnessed through my work with others, by learning the art of Tantra, you may transform your current relationship into a blissfully intimate, deeply charged and satisfying relationship.

If you are not currently in a relationship, you may overcome blocks to a satisfying relationship with a future partner, learn the art of expanded orgasms, enhance your pleasure during masturbation, and increase your skill as a lover. Learning Tantra is one of the most empowering paths to becoming a skilled and caring lover, but it is also a path to personal transformation in mind, body, spirit, and heart.