She is tentative at first Feels her soul dancing within Body falls into step Merges with her soul Then it erupts She loses herself In the music In the moment In her breath She’s lost in a Tantric trance… Want to join her? Related articles What is Tantric Sex? (theartofbeingjoy.wordpress.com) TantraDance™ (theartofbeingjoy.wordpress.com)

Thank You…from my heart to YOURS!

Image by jwalanta via Flickr I receive words of encouragement from Bhairav Nath, one of the Tantrachick subscribers via email almost daily…..he would like me to share his words with you… About Bhairav: “Bhairav Nath is an IT professional based in India, who frequently travels to Silicon Valley, US. Bhairav is an avid student of Tantra, Yoga and Eastern wisdom traditions. Bhairav is an…