Good Morning!

Every morning is destiny’s way of telling you that your purpose in life is yet to be fulfilled. Good morning!

Magazine Article: Tantra Session With Joy

We both found Joy’s wisdom, gentle guidance and clear communication led us easily to a deeper understanding of how to nourish and sustain our union. And what could be more sacred that that?

A Tad Risque: Photo of Joy

The photographer I worked with recently managed to let me be me for a few moments here and there. I found that, because of his professionalism and ability to let me flow without being intrusive, I was able to find glimmers of my inner Goddess…I will not be sharing the more in depth implied nudes,…

Photo: Shaktara

Chuckaralei created this little piece of art from a photo that he guided…in the moment, I didn’t really understand his vision…he told me he wanted to capture the essence of Shaktara…we each have our own perception of Tantric energy…this is Chuckaralei’s…well…for my evening…a glass of sangria, a chick flick with my sis, then my nude…