This quote is bouncing around in my mind today…Thought I would share it with you…   “I am not suited to polite society, to social striving, upward mobility and making good impressions. I am radically honest, sensitive, brilliant and blunt. I hold up a mirror to the best and worst facets of human life. ~Vajrayogini~

Just a Glimpse: Woman to Woman Tantric Massage

She walks through the door, eyes cast down, body language slightly guarded. She does not know what to expect. She is wondering what she has gotten herself into. She looks into my eyes and I can see her whole body responding to me. She removes her shoes as I guide her to a meditation cushion……

Guest Author: Ancient Secrets for Modern Passion

Ancient Secrets for Modern Passion by guest blogger, Christine Wines I am a Tantrika, but am also a Swinger. I began having adventures in the Lifestyle (the term Swingers refer to “swinging”) shortly before I started exploring Tantra. Tantra appealed to me because of its spiritual aspect and the relevance of its precepts to everyday…

Video: What Is Tantra?

There’s so many different meanings and explanations of what Tantra is and also what it is not or does not embody…I enjoyed this short video and thought I would share it with you! One thing to keep in mind is, as Tanja Diamond says, Tantra is definitely not all about sex. However, for those of…

Joy's Tantric Path

As I often say…I see us as equals on the path to sensual, sexual and spiritual awakening. We are one. May you be happy, may we be happy.